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Craig Smith Environmental (CSE) was created to assist the energy industry with professional consulting services designed to facilitate responsible domestic energy development. Environmental regulations have “grown-up” around the industry, practices and procedures that were acceptable and common just a few years ago may now be the source of environmental liability and regulatory enforcement. Although we are a relatively small firm, we have more than 400 available professional resources to handle any environmental challenge that may arise.

Mission Statement

CSE was created to provide environmental risk management consulting services to the oil and gas industry from the industries’ perspective. The purpose of environmental risk management is not only to reduce risk, but more importantly to understand the implications and act strategically to take advantage of the opportunity.


Working within the regulatory and legal structure, the goal of CSE  is to work with the oil and natural gas industry  to identify  the environmental risks and liabilities inherent with transactions and operations and develop risk management strategies that facilitate responsible development.

Craig Smith, Owner and Lead Geologist of Craig Smith Environmental is a Registered Professional Geologist in the following states operating under their corresponding license numbers.



Our Services

Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence  for Acquisitions and Divestitures

The purchase and sale of oil and gas assets is complex and the opportunity for environmental risk and long term financial liabilities is always present. In most cases the purchaser is responsible for any and all environmental liabilities regardless who created the issue. For this reason, a thorough environmental due diligence evaluation is key to identifying and mitigating potential environmental risk and avoiding unexpected costs and regulatory delays. A good rule to follow is always know what you are buying.

Due diligence during oil and gas transactions is performed on the geology, engineering, operational equipment and reserves in great detail but many operators ignore the environmental due diligence although the costs to mitigate legacy environmental issues can be in the millions of dollars. Focused environmental due diligence can provide critical information that can be used to reduce long-term risk and limit exposure while enhancing the profitability of the project. How environmental risks are managed can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project.

  • Review purchase and sale agreement for potential “deal killers” and environmental liability language
  • Develop project specific due diligence approach
  • Preparation of post-acquisition compliance programs

  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Oil and gas industry specific approach to due diligence
  • Comprehensive environmental site assessment (file/portfolio reviews, regulatory and compliance audits, focused site inspections to support evaluation and development of budgetary  cost estimates for implementation of corrective actions)
  • Preparation of environmental disclosure statements for sellers
  • Development of environmental reserve estimates for negotiation and planning
  • Independent third party review of reserves for reasonableness, completeness and appropriateness
  • Environmental liability management and minimization
  • Portfolio/transaction screening

Water & Water Wells

It has been said that although we are in the oil and industry our real business is managing water. Water is integral to each phase of development whether used for drilling fluid makeup, hydraulic fracturing or as a waste product of production. Regardless of the source or use of the water, effective management is critical to profitability. CSE understand industries water needs and has the expertise and experience to find effective solutions to water management needs.

  • Preparation of client specific or regulatory complaint programs
  • Develop a sampling and analysis plan for groundwater baseline sampling, analysis and monitoring
  • Coordinate with landowner to collect samples
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Reporting to operator, regulatory agencies, and landowners

  • Availability
  • Water rights summary
  • Water quality


Assessment and Remediation

drum wasteFrom establishing baseline conditions to a full scale assessment of soil and groundwater impacts, CSE has the experience and background to manage your projects effectively and to work with the various agencies and regulations to identify and implement viable solutions.

Whether you are assessing an impacted facility prior to a sale, evaluating environmental risks and liabilities or effective remedial solutions, our expereinced staff are here to design and implement an effective approach at your location. Focused planning, preparation of an accurate site conceptual model, review of data quality objectives, design and implementation of the field activities, and intrepretations based on science and empirical results are key factors to a successful and cost effective assessment. Identification and evaluation of remedial alternatives that reflect the client’s risk tolerence and objectives are our goal.

  • Evaluate releases, recent and historical, for potential impact to soil and water
  • Preparation of sampling and analysis plans
  • Sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Design and implementation of remedial activities
  • Reporting and interaction with regulatory agencies

Litigation Support

Technical/Litigation Support

The implications of environmental regulations on operations often require outside technical support to facilitate regulatory interactions, evaluate programs and procedures, and support litigation should the need arise.

  • Expert testimony
  • Third Party review of environmental reports
  • Review of environmental programs and operations
  • Review of environmental indemnification language
  • Regulatory interaction and testimony
  • National Environmental Policy Act environmental impact statement support


Operational Compliance

CSE’s environmental compliance services are focuses on the regulations affecting upstream and midstream oil and gas operations. We are experienced in evaluating applicability of the various regulations, implementing effective compliance strategies, and preparing plans and reports necessary to satisfy local, state and federal regulatory requirements.

  • Permitting
  • Closure or disposal option evaluation
  • Closure evaluation and reporting

  • Evaluation and initial reporting
  • Remediation and waste management/disposal
  • Regulatory support and management

  • Review of existing plans
  • Applicability determinations
  • Inspections/compliance surveys
  • Preparation, certification, and/or updating of plans

  • Inventory, characterization and quantification of waste streams
  • Waste minimization and management planning (pollution prevention)
  • Evaluation of waste storage, treatment and disposal options
  • Determination of hazardous, non-hazardous and exploration and production exempt waste


Strategic Environmental Planning

openrangeHaving a plan in place and knowing where you stand regulatory is critical to operating in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Environmental regulations have “grown-up” around the oil and gas industry, practices and procedures that were acceptable and common just a few years ago are now prohibited or require regulatory approval prior to implementation. Knowing what is coming and reacting to the developing regulations can make the difference between a monetary fine and passing regulatory inspection.

  • Review of environmental programs and policies
  • Multimedia compliance audits and surveys
  • Preparation and implementation of comprehensive environmental audit programs

Our Work

Below you will find some of CSE’s professional presentations. They contain valuable information and can be a resource for answering some basic questions about environmental issues the oil and gas industries face. Have more questions? Contact us and we’ll get back in touch promptly.

Legacy Environmental Issues

December 27th

Presented as part of an ongoing workshop in conjunction with the University of Wyoming’s Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute’s 2013 CO2 Conference Click to view presentation    

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Environmental Risks During Drilling and Production

December 27th

Presented via webinar February 2013 to oil and gas insurance underwriters and energy lending professionals. Click here to view presentation      

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“When I need expert environmental advice, Craig is one of the first people I call.  His background goes beyond just excellence in his specialty.  He also has the practical experience and knowledge of all of what it takes to evaluate, design, permit and construct a solution. When I ask Craig a question, I always get the whole answer.”

Brian Jefferies

Executive Director, Wyoming Pipeline Authority


“Craig has led two environmental assessments associated for large upstream acquisitions for CountryMark.  Upstream acquisitions require prompt responses with regards to environmental conditions.  Under Craig’s leadership and organization, his team was able to perform field environmental reviews covering hundreds of locations with over a 1000 associated wells in days, not weeks.  Because of his knowledge of the oil and gas industry, the due diligence information was compiled in a timely manner and in a format that was easily understood.  Craig’s insight on relative conditions and risk mitigation helped guide effective business decisions.  We will use Craig’s expertise again for future opportunities.”

Matt Smorch

Vice President- Strategic Planning



“Craig Smith has been instrumental in assisting us with several critical groundwater monitoring projects. From conceptual design to final reporting Craig provided the scientific expertise and business acumen needed to address baseline groundwater monitoring requirements for our EIS efforts in Wyoming. Craig is responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced. I highly recommend Craig Smith to anyone seeking seasoned, honest, and dependable environmental services for the oil and gas industry.”

Randal Phillips

Regulatory Analyst – North Rockies Business Unit

Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc.,

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